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GSF Core

The Core is the head part of GSF project. Its main objective is to offer a set of generic, extensible, "free", portable, "well coded" and optimal C++ code components for implementing game server networks. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • low level components:
    • low level C++ components to support the overall code (generally features added by the next C++ standard, aka C++1x, but will have to be done until compilers with such support become common); ex. smart pointers, generic functors, type traits, meta-programming support
    • portable abstractions for system resources (threads/mutexes/locks, filesystem, network)
    • SQL abstraction support
  • general network server components:
    • logging system (with screen, file, syslog support)
    • account management (with groups and relations to support teams and friends)
    • generic serialization (able to support many different fixed representation protocols)
    • protocol agnostic chat support
    • framework structure for event based applications

For information about the various design decisions to support the main objective please see Design Document.

Documentation is split into 2 big parts depending on the target audience: